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Bu-Bye Business Overwhelm

We are the team you can trust!


Dynamic Virtual Office offers a full suite of Online Business Management services. Tiffany and her team thrive on team-based collaborations with their clients, in-depth strategic planning, and simply getting their clients' businesses to a proactive (instead of reactive-hair-on-fire) state. We are a team of expert Online Business Managers on-call and ready to contribute to any project you need to get off the ground.


Tiffany Gonzalez is the Founder of Dynamic Virtual Office, LLC. She started out working in the legal field and eventually moved into the virtual space in 2016 in order to take care of her daughter that was born with a heart condition. Tiffany was a Client Services Director ("CSD") for Estate Planning attorneys since 2016. She has always been an Online Business Manager, but just with the title of CSD. She has helped numerous estate planning attorneys get their systems in place as they started their firm. After a number of years of serving in the role of CSD, she transitioned to drafting the estate plans for the attorneys. While looking to expand the company, Tiffany has also added the role of Online Business Manager ("OBM") to the many hats she wears. As an OBM, Tiffany helps entrepreneurs go from feeling like their business is chaotic to feeling clarity around having their business work efficiently and effectively for them and also getting the entrepreneurs back to doing the things in their business they love...bringing in clients and making money!

Tiffany and the team get their kicks helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs realize their business goals and focus on the things only they can do in their business. It all starts with booking your discovery call with our team.

Where are you at in your business?


Amy Hsiao, Esq.

"Tiffany helped me set up my office administration workflow a few years ago when I needed help with client services. She was highly professional, always responsive and made sure I had the things that I needed on the administrative side of things so I could focus on serving my clients. She would be a great addition to any team."

Becoming the successful delegator is the stuff business dreams are made of. Let us support you as you uplevel CEO!

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